9306-58 White Bardiglio, 5'x12' Laminate Sheet, Matte

Formica® Brand Laminate

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  • This listing is for Formica® Brand LAMINATE only. For other product lines, contact 1-800-FORMICA.
  • Matte is a finish that imparts a warm, pleasing effect that enhances the beauty of Color and produces a greater clarity and depth that bring Countertops ALIVE
  • All Formica Brand Laminates come with an industry leading EliteForm surfacing technology, which improves the scratch resistance and durability of laminate
  • Formica Brand Laminate can also be used to make beautiful bar tops, desks, shelving units, backsplashes, cabinet fronts, walls and more
  • Price includes shipping for up to two (2) sheets of Laminate. If you need to order more product, please contact 1-800-FORMICA.
‎One Year Limited